Avoid Constipation While Travelling
Avoid Constipation While Travelling

Constipation while traveling could be an annoying experience. Travel constipation, also called vacation constipation, occurs when you find it uneasy to smoothly empty your bowel about two to three times per week.

Typically, constipation happens due to many reasons such as body changes, health conditions, change in diet timing, and others. However, travel constipation mostly occurs when you sit too long during a trip. Likewise, flying for long can disrupt your diet routine, which might affect your body system and trigger constipation.

If you have experienced travel constipation before, you are not alone. Many other people suffer from it too. For people planning a vacation, or a trip in the coming days, this article is for you. 

Here are seven ways to prevent constipation while traveling.

1.     Take Warm Beverage.

One of the best tips to avoid constipation while on a trip is to opt for a warm beverage or coffee in the morning. Whatever liquid you would take in the morning must be warm, which can include soup. The warm drink will make your digestive system act appropriately, and you may empty your bowel before leaving home very early in the morning. 

Since caffeinated coffee can dehydrate you throughout the day and trigger constipation, you may avoid it and consider other drinks. However, if you are not a coffee lover, you may consider warm water.

2.     Plan Ahead and Use Shroom Capsules.

As you plan your journey and make essential preparations, it is vital to purchase recommended medications or supplements to keep your bowel moving regularly. Fiber supplements, shroomolgy, or stool softeners are useful and recommended by a professional health practitioner.

Shroom capsules come with high fiber content that helps keep the digestive system and bowel movement running effectively. Taking this for the journey can go a long way to prevent constipation.

3.     Be Selective in your choice of Breakfast.

Before you head to the train station or airport for your journey, it could be a good idea to take a healthy breakfast. Your ideal choice of breakfast for the trip should not have unhealthy fat. Since there is a higher chance of bowel movement early in the morning, you may consider this option to make your trip enjoyable.

According to nutritionists, large and healthy meals can prompt the release of hormones in the body that can set off the need to excrete. When you do this in the morning before traveling, you may not experience constipation for a few days.

4.     Engage Your Body

If you are on a long trip, stand up from your seat regularly to engage your body in simple exercises like stretching, walking, squatting, and more. It does not matter if you are on a plane, train, car, or bus; you should not constrain yourself to sit. These simple exercises will go a long way in keeping your digestive system active.  When you sit down for long without engaging your body, it may be hard for your digestive system to induce bowel movement.

Likewise, if you could get a chance to do more than the simple exercises, it may help you get a better result and keep the entire system active and alert.

5.     Avoid High-Fat Foods.

When you are traveling, staying away from fatty foods can help avoid constipation. However, healthy fat is safe but unhealthy fat is terrible, especially if you don’t want to experience vacation constipation. Snacks, desserts, pizza, candy, cheese, chips, processed foods, ice cream, etc., are examples of high-fat foods that one should avoid.

6.     Stay Hydrated.

One of the common factors that lead to constipation is dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, it will compensate by reducing the stool water present in the feces. This process can result in a hard stool that will be difficult to expel. Therefore, it’s necessary to be continuously hydrated while on a journey. Taking plenty of water instead of alcoholic drinks or caffeinated liquids like colas, coffee, and tea can keep you hydrated.

Other liquids that can keep you hydrated through your journey are clear soups, natural fruit juices, and milk.

7.     Listen to Your Body.

Following your body’s directive can also help avoid constipation. Being attentive to one’s body will make it easy for one to know when there is a need to empty the bowels. When there is an urge to empty the bowel, it is vital to act as soon as possible. Delaying the action can cause the stool to get hard as long as it remains in the rectum, which will make it difficult to expel. Don’t strain yourself if you cannot expel it on time, instead get up from the toilet seat and wait until you have a severe urge to evacuate again.


Save yourself the hassle that comes with travel constipation by following these simple tips when traveling. The good news is that there are healthy and tested tips to avoid constipation while traveling. The article has made recommendations on simple ways to have a stress free journey without bothering about constipation.