About Us

Mission Statement:
Pure Vacations wants to lead the way in offering inspiring travel ideas through world-class articles that interest in travel globally.

Our Goal:
The goal at Pure Vacations is to make it quick and easy for active travelers worldwide to research, plan and experience travel by providing high quality, informative information through our website. Pure Vacations is a leader dedicated to promoting travel, and the companies providing these services.

The History of this Website:
The brand of Pure Vacations was originally launch by Wesley Baker as a specialist adventure package travel company and has existing online since 1997 evolving constantly. In 2008 Wesley moved on and the business and website entered a multitude of changes and changed owner’s numerous times. However, in late 2015 Wesley Baker (the original owner between 1997 to 2008) managed to take ownership of the brand and website again and has set about a new passion of building this wonderful travel website to help travelers round the world that enjoy reading and exploring some wonderful adventures.

Our Writers and Editor:
We have a range of writers that contribute to Pure Vacations, they are all eager travel enthusiasts and experienced in the world of both writing and travel. We try and been as neutral as possible when writing our experiences. We only write to encourage travel to the destinations we feature, and hope to increase the benefits of tourism. Wesley Baker is the editor of Pure Vacations, he edits all content.

About Wesley Baker:

Wesley Baker

Wesley Baker

Pure Vacations a not for profit publication and is published by Wesley Baker, a veteran of the travel industry. Before becoming a travel publisher, Wesley spent over 25 years in Tourism as senior executive at Thomson Holidays, Inspirations, Cosmos Holidays, and many more and then and in more recent years with a focus on water based travel sector where he was a CEO of a number of specialist operators, He has also been a CEO in numerous other successful businesses in Medical, Software Development and Surfing Equipment Manufacturer.

His diverse experiences working within the travel industry allow him to bring a wealth of knowledge to his publishing of this website that few others have to offer. He has walked the walk, got the t-shirt and video and brings that insight to Pure Vacations.

Pure Vacations is just to share and experience travel and leisure for all, we have no paid advertising.