Vacationing is an excellent way to de-stress. Most air travelers like to spend their waiting time before a flight chomping on a cheesy burger or gulping down a cola. Don’t blame your stomach when it leaks mid-air because dietary habits can upset normal digestion before and during flight. 

5 Foods To Avoid Before Flying And Their Remedies
5 Foods To Avoid Before Flying And Their Remedies

While food and drinks enhance the in-airport and in-flight experience, airline foods can make you feel dreadful when flying. Tickling your taste buds in the airplane may give you the satisfaction of the money spent on airfare, but it may cause an unexpected inconvenience to you and your co-travelers. Motion sickness is a common complaint. Let us see which foods to avoid before your plane prepares to take-off.

Oily and Salty Snacks
Oily and Salty Snacks

1.   Oily And Salty Snacks

Munching salty and spicy foods, gives psychological satisfaction to air travelers, particularly those on a long-distance flight. Salted peanuts and snacks are not the best things to chow down on while traveling by air. Excess salt in fried food leaves you thirsty. This can push adverse side effects like water retention and swollen belly. Eat unsalted food during travel for a bloating-free air journey. Carry homemade meals cooked in a good quality oil. You can buy CBD oil from edibles Canada for a wholesome meal preparation ahead of the flight. 

Caffeine and Tea
Caffeine and Tea

2.   Caffeine And Tea

Hot beverages like tea and coffee are useful winter tricks, but they can ruin air travelers’ expectations. A hit of caffeine may seem blissful. Gulping too much of itcauses gas and acidity and increases bathroom urges. They also hamper your sleep cycle on long flights. Caffeine’s dehydrating properties can cause headaches or nausea. Reach out for a cup of coffee when you have landed at home, not when your flight has taken off.

3.   Alcohol

Flying is an adventure itself. Having alcoholic drinks before or during a flight or at the airport bar can send dehydration signals to your body. So, it is not sensible to drink hard drinks before boarding a flight or asking the air hostess for beer cans. Alcohol consumption saps your body of much-needed fluids. Drink the humble water instead. It will keep you sane and in your senses when you deboard the plane.

4.   Sweetmeats

Sugar-coated candies and cakes are alright for a party, but not in-flight. Cracking open a Toblerone or a chewing gum you bought at the duty-free shop is an opportunity, but it will spike up your blood sugar levels and leave you feeling sluggish. Artificial sweeteners in sugar-free foods can cause flatulence by letting excess air get into your body.       

5.   Bubbly Carbonated Drinks 

Drinking a few fizzy juice bottles is not suitable for you when you are waiting for your boarding call. Avoid reaching out for a shapely fizz bottle in-flight, thinking it will calm your nerves. Gas and heartburn are the pitfalls of drinking a fizzy drink. Reach out for water. It will not bloat you and keep you hydrated at the same time.

Curative Foods to Avoid Motion Sickness
Curative Foods to Avoid Motion Sickness

Curative Foods To Avoid Motion Sickness

Here is a roster of food items that will help you overcome motion sickness during air travel.

  • CBD oil: Health and wellness space has nature-extracted CBD oil to relieve jet lag, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Long flights cause muscle stiffness and disturb the sleep pattern. Fortunately, many hemp products contain CBD oil that can make your air travel soothing and nausea-free. Buy CBD edibles like cannabis-infused chocolates, gums, cookies, or CBD essential oils for pulse points to take you through your journey.
  • Ginger: This cooking ingredient has a long-standing history of treating stomach problems. Active compounds like gingerol interact with your stomach and central nervous system to reduce nausea symptoms caused by motion sickness during in-flight hours. Ginger is also useful in treating vomiting and unsettled stomach during pregnancy. Keep a few grams of dried ginger root in your travel handbag or ginger biscuits to shoo away nausea.
  • Herbal tea: It is a common remedy to fight obesity and nausea. A cup of peppermint tea or a dash of lemon in a cup of boiling water helps combat nausea. It is a good wellness alternative to OTC drugs for nausea.
  • Water: Nausea stops the urge to eat or drink. Drinking fluids is essential to maintain active hydration levels in the body when you are down with vomiting or fever. Water in its purest form or drinks like oral rehydration, coconut water, clear and unpackaged juices, soda water, iced tea help replenish the lost electrolytic balance and restores health. Avoid taking dairy-based beverages as it may worsen nausea. Homemade lime water containing negligible quantities of sugar and salt is the best kitchen recipe for nausea-afflicted. 

Summing Up 

Eat no gassy and greasy foods, only high protein snacks and pure drinking water for a nausea-free vacation or business travel. You have got to watch your food choices, whether you fly economy or business class. Happy meal planning before you pack your bags.