El Golfo near Lago de los Clicos in Lanzarote
El Golfo near Lago de los Clicos in Lanzarote

An island of spectacular contrasts, Lanzarote charms its visitors from the first glance. Dressed in black deserts and adorned with white houses, home to calm lagoons and frantic waves, and blessed with imposing volcanoes and breathtaking beaches, Lanzarote is simply stunning. There’s sea, sand, and sangria on the island of Lanzarote, but not many travelers stop here for the party atmosphere. They come here for the island’s untamed beauty, traditional charm, and artistic heritage.

Not as crowded and lively as its bigger neighbors, Tenerife and Gran Canaria, Lanzarote is a Canary Island designed for those who are searching for more than just a beach getaway. Visit Lanzarote if you want to admire dramatic volcanic landscapes. Spend a few days here if you want to sail around the island. Come here if you want to enjoy a fabulous surfing experience. Discover Lanzarote and you’ll be setting the bar extremely high for the other islands of the Canary archipelago.

Rent a car and enjoy the smooth roads

The island can be crossed in only 1.5 hours by car. Of course, if you want to experience all the island has to offer, you should just take it slow and dedicate at least a few days to your Lanzarote adventure. You can book your accommodation on the coast and take in beautiful ocean views or stay in the center of the island to be surrounded by pretty scenery and a calm ambiance. The island’s smooth roads are perfect for both drivers and cyclists leading to superb hiking trails, dried lava fields, and spectacular views.

Sail around the island

Known for its strong winds, the island is a great destination for sailing trips. Book a sailing tour or hop aboard a ferry and discover the island from the sea. Depart from Orzola if you want to cruise to the nature reserve of Alegranza, the only Atlantic nesting spot for the Eleonora’s falcon. Stop for a while at the petite volcanic island of La Graciosa to admire the crystalline sea and incredibly beautiful sand beaches. There is also the option to depart from Puerto del Carmen for a trip to the Isla de Lobos. However, sailing in Lanzarote is less about the destination and more about embracing the views.

Explore the volcanic landscapes

Lanzarote has more than 300 volcanic peaks that create a fantastic lunar landscape dressed in shades of ochre, pink, and purple. Explore this surreal painting at the Timanfaya National Park, a protected volcanic reserve created by a huge eruption in 1730. You can take a bus at the Montañas del Fuego or visit the park by car. If you choose to self-drive, your only destination will be the El Diablo restaurant. Since there is still volcanic activity in the area, the chefs at El Diablo actually roast the chicken over a geothermal barbecue. Whether you want the chicken or not, you will definitely enjoy your experience due to the abundance of geysers and variety of flora and fauna that awaits in the park.

Ride the waves

Lanzarote Surfer silhouette at Famara Beach
Lanzarote Surfer silhouette at Famara Beach

Due to its strong winds and majestic waves, Lanzarote is a surfer’s paradise. It has perfect waves year-round, ideal for surfing and kitesurfing. The island’s windy coastline attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over the world, windsurfers gathering often at Playa Las Cucharas, while kitesurfers prefering La Famara Beach. La Famara is popular among surfers especially due to its high waves and lack of wind protection. While families and sunbathers choose other stretches of sand, like Papagayo Beach and Playa Mujeres, Famara feeds the surfers’ appetite for exhilarating rides. 

Panoramic view of Playa Blanca, the beautiful landscape of Lanzarote
Panoramic view of Playa Blanca, the beautiful landscape of Lanzarote

Discover the masterpieces of César Manrique

The vision of the architect César Manrique has changed the landscape of Lanzarote. He was the architect behind some of the most fascinating and outlandish structures on the island. César Manrique wanted to bring sustainable tourism to the island and he started his own foundation in 1982 to stop the building of giant resorts. His foundation is set in the artist’s former home, as expected not an ordinary structure, built by converting the air pockets in the nearby lava fields in rooms. You can also visit a few museums dedicated to his work, as well as restaurants and a cactus garden designed by him.

The legend says that Lanzarote was part of the lost city of Atlantis and once you’ll get to explore this magnificent island, you’ll probably start believing this rumor.

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