Across North America and in Europe, an epidemic is taking hold of Measles. Families are being told to make sure children are vaccinated following over 1044 cases this year in the USA alone and large numbers also being reported in the UK and across the EU.

In the USA summer camps are requiring all children have vaccination and certificate of evidence otherwise they will be turned away.

These efforts to prevent the measles virus from traveling to and within camps aren’t in vain. Medical experts warn that the virus spreads in close contact very fast.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends children get two doses of the MMR vaccine: the first at 12 to 15 months and the second at 4 to 6 years old.

In the past two decades younger parents have chosen not to get children vaccinated many due to miss-information that it is now believe to be the cause of the current outbreak. The disease was eradicated in the western world many decades ago through vaccination.

Think Measles Before Travel
Think Measles Before Travel