So, Ice fishing?! Never something I actually thought I would be doing. However, stranger things are known to have happened, so here I am, dressed with all the sweaters I own and almost all pants, waiting for my ice fishing adventure on Leech Lake.

Ice Fishing Trip to Minnesota

When it comes to ice fishing, Minnesota is definitely the place to come. After all, it has more than 11,840 lakes, so you will surely find a few of them with the right level of ice and the right number of fish to satisfy your fishing appetite. Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams are home to an impressive population of pike, perch, sturgeon, bass and trout, as well as many other fish.

Ice fishing trips are usually accompanied by experienced guides because, honestly now, who wants to drill holes in thick ice just for the sake of it without the guarantee that they will actually catch something? That’s what I thought!

My friends and I booked an ice fishing trip at Brindley’s Harbor! They said that they wanted to go there because of their experienced guides, great ice fishing reports and the fact that Leech Lake is not as crowded at Mille Lacs Lake. I was delighted that the package included heated ice houses. It was also helpful that just a few minutes away from the resort, Pine Point and Grand View Flats, two very popular ice fishing spots, awaited for fishing aficionados.

Brindley’s Harbor Ice Fishing

We woke up around 6 am, and had breakfast, an hour later, in the resort’s lodge (also heated!). The day started great because all I need to be happy in the winter are great food and heat. While we were sipping our tea and eating our bread and butter, the resort’s guides were already at the ice houses, opening the fishing holes precio farmacia viagra.

We arrived there an hour later, in our own car, and the ice fishing experience was a go! The guides didn’t left our side, which as a great thing, especially for me, because I had tons of questions to ask them. Who knew that I wanted to know so much about perch and ice fishing? And also that there is so much to know about fishing in general? I thought it was all about a rod and luck. It’s not!

An ice house holds about 4-5 anglers and each person is allowed a limit of 20 perch. Of course, this was a limit I was happy to obey, especially since I didn’t caught more than 3. However, I didn’t try too hard, because I was there for the overall experience and really talked a lot. Since it was a bit difficult for my friends to detect an active population of fish, the portable “otter” two person day houses came to rescue the situation. Our guides went on to locate a more productive fishing area and helped us move our portable fishing shelters there. New holes were drilled for each angler and perch started to show up.

We returned to the resort for lunch because the fishing site was only a few miles away. Our ice fishing day ended around 4 pm. It was unlikely for perch to bite after 5 pm, or so I’ve been told. It was nice to return to my deluxe room and spent a warm and fun evening in the company of my friends.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the experience and didn’t complain (a lot!) about the low temperatures. It was a pleasant and interesting trip and there was no boredom involved, which was my main concern when I agreed to go on this ice fishing trip. It’s quite relaxing and challenging at the same time, a real adventure without too many risks. Just my kind of adventure!