Explore Ontario, Canada
Explore Ontario in Canada

There are so many fascinating things to explore in Ontario. This is, after all, the fourth largest province in Canada. Toronto is a vibrant and world class city that dazzles with its variety of restaurants, posh boutiques, and colorful nightlife, while Ottawa, the country’s capital, tells you all you need to know about Canada’s past through its beautiful national collections, as well as invites you to discover an amazing food scene.

Toronto cityscape from the Toronto Islands.
Toronto cityscape from the Toronto Islands.

Discover the coolness of urban Canadian life

If your journey starts with Toronto, put on your trendiest clothes and get ready to step into the core of the Canadian urban life. World-class restaurants await on Queen Street West, and trendy and chic boutiques are ready to reinvent your fashion style in the Yorkville district.

The Old Town is definitely the city’s North Star since it gathers under one name the must see neighborhoods of Toronto. Here you will find the St. Lawrence Market, named by National Geographic the best in the world and a magnet for foodies. The Distillery Historic District is reserved only for pedestrians and creates the ambiance of chic village, where Victorian-era buildings reign supremely and house luxury shops, classy restaurants or performance venues.

Lake and Forest nearing autumn with white misty sky
Lake and Forest nearing autumn with white misty sky

Get to know the past and present of Canada

After you’ve had your share of trendy, contemporary, and quirky, head to Ottawa for a lesson or two of history, and an incursion into the country’s culture. One of the top attractions in Ottawa is Parliament Hill, which is so much more than the seat of the government. This is also a scene for cultural events, as well as a community hub. You shouldn’t miss a building tour and make sure you climb on top the Peace Tower for a breathtaking panorama of Ottawa.

Ottawa at sunset with storm clouds advancing. Featuring Parliament Buildings, Rideau Canal a UNESCO world heritage site, Chateau Laurier Hotel, National Art Gallery and National Conference Centre. Boats docked along Rideau Canal.
Ottawa at sunset with storm clouds advancing. Featuring Parliament Buildings, Rideau Canal a UNESCO world heritage site, Chateau Laurier Hotel, National Art Gallery and National Conference Centre. Boats docked along Rideau Canal.

When it comes to museums, Ottawa most certainly never disappoints. Travel back in time with a visit to the Canadian War Museum and Canadian Museum of History, admire more than 40,000 works of art at The National Gallery of Canada, and attend a theater play, dance or music performance, at The National Arts Center.

If you’re visiting Ottawa in winter, the Rideau Canal will certainly make it on your must-see attraction list, being the largest naturally frozen skating rink in the world. However, when summer comes, the Rideau Canal becomes the perfect setting for a boat cruise.

Muskoka chairs on a wooden dock
Two Muskoka chairs on a wooden dock facing a lake. Paddles and life jackets are visible on the dock. Across the calm water there is a brown cottage.

Immerse into the Canadian wilderness

It’s time now to leave the hustle and bustle of big cities behind us and head over to the great outdoors of Ontario. We all know about the spectacular Niagara Falls, but what about the stunning Algonquin Park? This beautiful park rich in wildlife, hiking trails, and camping spots, is situated only three hours from both Toronto and Ottawa. The park is also a favorite destination of those who are really into canoeing, offering 1,200 miles of routes for them to discover and paddle.

The Thousand Islands is an 80-kilometer stretch of the St. Lawrence and creates an idyllic setting for the perfect escape. The US-Canada boundary is actually running between the islands, so this is a gateway to fishing, boating, and camping for both Canadians and Americans. Do go on a cruise through this maze of islands and discover the charm of this region.

Ottawa View on Parliament Hill
Mayor’s Park in Ottawa; Ontario, Canada

Be adventurous or just enjoy a comfortable train ride

Searching for some adrenaline rush? How about rafting on the Ottawa River? The Ottawa River awaits northwest of the country’s capital and makes its way through the Canadian Shield. This is the destination for whitewater adventures regardless of the level of experience of those who hop in the boats.

For a blend of natural beauty and culture and traditions, follow the Great Spirit Circle Trail. This is where you will meet the Anishinaabe people who live on the Manitoulin Island. Hear what the guides have to say about the history of the place and its nature, taste local foods and don’t miss the traditional ceremony where tourists are welcomed.

Don’t end your journey in Ontario without riding the modern and very comfortable Agawa Canyon Tour Train that will take you to discover the western edge of the province. You will get to explore the wilderness of Canada and admire Canadian Shield forests, lakes and rivers, and imposing granite rock formations. The journey will also give you the chance to actually step on the floor of the Agawa Canyon and marvel at the great force of the last ice age.