Embankment of Amstel canal with spring tulips in Amsterdam
Embankment of Amstel canal with spring tulips in Amsterdam

Rumor has it that it’s always the best time to visit Amsterdam! And the rumor is true. Amsterdam is a vibrant city always ready to entertain and captivate. It has a million museums and even more terraces, coffee shops, and pubs, plenty of fun things to do, and amazing tours. No one ever gets bored in Amsterdam regardless of the season or the weather. However, it’s also true that it can be quite cold, windy, and grey. Amsterdam is not exactly blessed with a mild and gentle climate but this shouldn’t stop you from experiencing Amsterdam whenever you like.

Best time to visit Amsterdam
Best time to visit Amsterdam

Spring in Amsterdam

Spring in Amsterdam is still pretty cold and doesn’t easily let go of its winter vibes. It actually holds on to the low temperatures, rain and a tad of snow for as long as possible annoying not only tourists, but also the locals who are looking forward to cycle their way to work and take long walks in the many splendid parks of Amsterdam.

However, April and May tend to be a bit more gentle and invite average temperatures of 12°C into the city, but you still have to get your winter coat with you, a scarf and maybe mittens too. Especially if you want to spend more time outside and visit the fabulous Keukenhof Gardens or bike along infinite tulip fields. There’s less traffic now and the days are getting longer and receiving more sun. Tourist crowds are still yet to come, except if you’re visiting during the King’s Day celebration (April 27th) when an orange and crowded Amsterdam gets to be a bit overwhelming but still a lot of fun!

Amsterdam Canal in Summer
Amsterdam Canal in Summer

Summer in Amsterdam

If you’re planning the best time to visit Amsterdam when the hotels have the highest prices and the canals are invaded by tourists, plan a trip to Amsterdam in the summer months. The average temperatures reach 22°C, although there are times when the thermometer goes red and hits 30°C, if not more.

All the big festivals happen in summer, the parks are taken over by crowds of locals and tourists, the beaches are open for fun, and the canals become as busy as the streets! People are laughing, having fun, and enjoying the good weather and the jolly vibes of one of the most dynamic cities in Europe. Sightseeing gets a bit frustrating though because of the long waiting lines and masses of tourists eager to visit the famous Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank House, and to enjoy the Heineken Experience or have a cold drink at the Xtracold Icebar. But don’t sweat it (figuratively at least, cause literally you probably will)! Chill and smile! You’re in Amsterdam!

Golden Amsterdam in Autumn - Fall
Golden Amsterdam in Autumn – Fall

Autumn in Amsterdam

Things tend to come back to a normal pace and this is one of the best times to visit Amsterdam in autumn when the temperatures dance around 19°C and leaves are turning golden. It’s the perfect time for long, romantic walks along the canals and cozying up in a boho café while admiring the world go by. The hotel prices tend to go back to being a bit more reasonable and the tourist crowds have returned to work, school or simply back home. The streets become quieter and the pace gets more relaxed. It’s the best time to explore the museums and enjoy cruises on the canals, as well as to discover the surroundings by train. You’ll find so many wonderful places, like Utrecht, Zandaam, and Zaanse Schans, just a short train ride away from Amsterdam.

Amsterdam covered with snow in winter
Amsterdam covered with snow in winter

Winter in Amsterdam

Temperatures become unfriendly once again but as they’re going down, so are the hotel prices and airfares. This is definitely the cheapest period to visit Amsterdam, so if you’re on a budget, pack the warmest clothes you have, and book your trip to Amsterdam. You have a lot of chances to discover the city under layers of snow, but you’ll also find no lines at the sights, an ice rink in front of the Rijksmuseum, and, if Jack Frost has visited the city, ice rinks instead of the regular canals. The city is surprisingly romantic and there are a lot of events and festivals to keep the audience happy and warm. This is when the Amsterdam Light Show takes place, but also when the Christmas markets are open for business, and the Oliebollen, delicious doughnuts, make an appearance on the streets.


  • If you want to avoid the crowds and expensive accommodation and plane tickets, avoid King’s Day and Liberation Day, the whole month of August, and New Year’s.
  • If you want to see the tulips and the Keukenhof Gardens, visit Amsterdam in mid-April.
  • If you want to enjoy the best of Amsterdam on a budget and without infinite waiting lines at the attractions, visit in autumn.
    This is probably the best time to go to Amsterdam!

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