Scenic summer aerial view of the Old Town pier architecture and Charles Bridge over Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic

And simply fascinating! Prague is a fabulous destination for a city break, especially if you’re living in Europe. It’s a splendid city rich in history, medieval castles, great pubs, and all the windy cobblestone streets you’ve ever wished for. It has great cuisine, really good and cheap local beer and plenty of bars and nightclubs to keep you out all night long.

Walk everywhere

Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic and it has both an Old Town and a New Town but you still can walk pretty much everywhere. And it would be a shame to miss all those cobbled streets and romantic lanterns, chic boutiques and bohemian cafes along the way. A 4-hour walking tour of Prague includes stops at some of the most important landmarks in the city. You’ll get to visit the Old Town Square, a superb square surrounded by architectural gems and home to the Old Town Hall Tower from where you can admire great views of the city.

The majestic Church of Our Lady Before Tyn dominates the Old Town Square since the 14th century and impresses due to its extraordinary Gothic architecture. Spend a few more moments in the area and admire the Astronomical Clock, a superb 600-year-old tower clock that was once considered one of the Wonders of the World.

Sunrise skyline at Prague old town square.

Walking tours also include a visit to the fascinating Jewish Quarter. Discover Josefov, a tiny area that was once a Jewish ghetto, were many Jews relocated in the 13th century. You’ll get a chance to admire 6 synagogues, including the Old-New Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in Europe, and the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe.

Explore the Prague Castle

Cross the famous Charles Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in the world due to its grandiose gates and superb statues created by the Jesuits, and head to the Prague Castel. This is more than just a royal building. It’s a mammoth complex – as a matter of fact, the world’s largest castle complex in the world – and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With some of its walls dating back to 880, you’ll discover layers and layers of history beautifully blended into a magnificent landmark.

Scenic summer aerial panorama of the Old Town architecture in Prague

The most grandiose structure on site is undoubtedly the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral, a surreal Gothic masterpiece that dazzles with beautiful stained glass windows, ornate carvings, and its own overwhelming presence. The complex is also home to galleries, state apartments, and superb gardens, so don’t hurry back in town. There’s still a lot to see here!

Czech Beer

Eat and drink the Czech way

When in Prague, forget about burgers and pizza! Eat traditional food and expand your culinary horizons. You’ll love their cuisine and probably ask for seconds. Nothing is more local than a meal at Lokal, one of the best gastropubs in the city. There are five locations in Prague, so you’ll unavoidably find one along the way. This is a great place for lunch, especially if you want to try classic Czech specialties like goulash and pork neck schnitzel. Accompany every meal with a pint of local brew and enjoy the experience!

Head to Eska, in the trendy Karlin neighborhood, for the best brunches in town and Czech cuisine with a modern twist. Since this is both a restaurant and a bakery, the flavors and aromas will subdue you instantly. Weekend mornings are reserved to brunches with freshly baked bread, while the dinner menu includes traditional Czech specialties.

For an elegant dinner in a superb art nouveau building, book a table at Café Savoy. The restaurant is famous not only for its fusion of Czech and French cuisine and remarkable wine list but also for its enchanting wood interior and beautifully adorned high ceilings.

Don’t leave town before sipping a few pints of Czech beer. Letna Beer Garden offers a great variety of refreshing beers and beautiful views of the Old Town at the shade of chestnut trees. Savor a beer at Klasterni Pivovar Strahov too, a 17th century restored brewery, near the Prague Castle. If you’re more into cocktails, Be Bop is a great art deco bar that will satisfy your refined taste but also visit Bugsy’s Bar and Hemingway Bar for variety. Get there early or make a reservation ahead!