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Over the years there have been many a scientist and eager surf communities desperate to achieve a high quality man-made wave that would guarantee better conditions and offer surfers a perfect combination of surf height and guaranteed waves.

Finally after years of attempts in both oceans and pools such an invention has finally come to the market and in the space of literally a few months two such projects have materialised one that is open and operating and the other that is due to open in a few years but has already produced the best known man-made wave in existence.
So where is the current Wave Garden it is in the United Kingdom! Wales is not the world’s most obvious surfing destination, despite having good natural waves along its coastline however the hills of Snowdonia now play host to what is a world first using an artificial lagoon which has opened with the intention of drawing those searching for the perfect wave to the green and pleasant Conwy Valley.

Surf Snowdonia Surfing

Surf Snowdonia Surfing

The wave machine, which was created by a group of Spanish engineers and surfing enthusiasts, promises a two-metre-high barrelling wave that peels perfectly for more than 150 metres, and up to 50 waves an hour. How does waking up to the soothing sound of our waves and the Conwy Valley’s own natural soundtrack grab you?
You will find onsite accommodation that caters for up to 144 guests and it’s the ideal way to make the most out of your trip to Surf Snowdonia. With on-site Surf Side Café Bar and coffee shops you will find it is really sociable way to experience the wave garden dream – plenty of opportunity to swap stories and make new friends in a relaxed and friendly surf camp vibe.

The accommodation comes in the shape of wooden camping pods which each sleep up to 4 adults (two x single beds and one small double). If you picture a Romany caravan crossed with a large tent then you’re probably thinking along the right lines! Each pod benefits from underfloor heating, lighting and an electric sockets. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag and pillow.

Surf Snowdonia

Surf Snowdonia

The environmentally-friendly softwood pods are supremely cosy structures which have been designed for comfort and practicality. Highly insulated and beautifully finished, they will keep you cool in the summer and cosy in the colder months. Lockable French doors at the front of your pod give you complete security and privacy. Toilets, showers and washing facilities are available at our spick-and-span heated amenities block.

You can book a pod for $150 per night which includes a hearty breakfast in the Surf Side Café Bar.

Truly an adventure awaiting to happen.

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