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Wild Chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains
mahale mountains

Wild Chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains

Filed in Destinations, Outdoor Adventures by on January 8, 2017 • views: 1361

Some say that if you don’t believe in evolution, you just have to visit Mahale and you will reconsider your position! The wild chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains are the proof you need to see humanity in chimps. If you get the chance to see them in this environment, you’ll immediately notice that these chimps are […]


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Fall! That magical season when nature gets all dressed up in a kaleidoscope of colors to impress and dazzle with fairy tale sceneries. Everybody is instantly feeling a bit melancholic and an infinite number of photos with shoes stepping on dead but colorful leaves invades social media. No one can resist the charm of fall, […]

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