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Barbados or Bust
Barbados or Bust

Barbados or Bust

Filed in Destinations, Water Adventures by on December 26, 2015 4 Comments • views: 9516

Surfing Barbados or Bust “A day of travelling will bring a basketful of learning” The whole world seemed to grow and tower above me engulfing my shrinking being. Voices over the loud PA speaker meant nothing, people passing by were irrelevant, and Hello everything seemed so close yet so distant. Fear is a strangely painful […]


Vineyards of New York State views: 6

New Yorkers don’t need to go to Napa Valley for great wine. They have has great wine regions in their backyard. Moreover, New York State is home to a few of the oldest vineyards in the US. Some of them are so old, that they have been planted by French Huguenots. They planted the first […]

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You don’t need to do too much research to find the real Majorca. That’s because everything about Majorca is authentic, original, and unique. It’s a corner of paradise on Earth, a place blessed with many and various natural attractions. Of course, Majorca is about its 340 miles of coastline, posh beach resorts, and vibrant nightlife, […]

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Arizona is the perfect destination for a journey of exploration and amazement. It is home to some of the most famous attractions in the world, such as the Grand Canyon and Cathedral Rock, but it is also a destination for quiet moments and introspection. Arizona inspires and exhilarates! It is a paradise for those who […]

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There are so many fascinating things to explore in Ontario. This is, after all, the fourth largest province in Canada. Toronto is a vibrant and world class city that dazzles with its variety of restaurants, posh boutiques, and colorful nightlife, while Ottawa, the country’s capital, tells you all you need to know about Canada’s past […]