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Barbados or Bust
Barbados or Bust

Barbados or Bust

Filed in Destinations, Water Adventures by on December 26, 2015 4 Comments • views: 10029

Surfing Barbados or Bust “A day of travelling will bring a basketful of learning” The whole world seemed to grow and tower above me engulfing my shrinking being. Voices over the loud PA speaker meant nothing, people passing by were irrelevant, and Hello everything seemed so close yet so distant. Fear is a strangely painful […]


Luxury Safari Along Zambezi River views: 23

Luxury and Africa is not exactly a common word association. However, Africa is much more than we see on the news. It’s a spectacular land capable of offering memorable experiences in unimaginable places. The area along the Zambezi River is one of these spectacular places. There is something about this river that lures tourists who […]

Weekend Break in Amsterdam views: 19

Amsterdam is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s a perfect illustration of how I am as a traveler: free, tolerant, fun, and always ready to be surprised. There are a lot of things happening in Amsterdam all year long so you can visit this city every year, every month, and even every […]

Romantic Ski Villages of Switzerland views: 21

There’s something so romantic about a Swiss ski village. I know! Everybody is going there to enjoy the ski slopes, have fun with their friends and family, and just get away from their daily routine. But, you have to admit that if you take a look around, it’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed with the […]

Wonders of Santa in Lapland – Finland views: 21

No matter how old you are, if someone says let’s go and meet Santa Claus, you get excited! When you find out that they are not talking about the ordinary Santa in the mall, but the one and only in Lapland, the enthusiasm explodes and reaches new heights. Because we all want to believe in […]