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Surfing Peru is a popular destination for every level of surfer; if you are looking to experience a unique South American surfing holiday in the sun all year long then thisshould be your first choice. It offers world class surfing that matches that of any where in the world and with a wonderful culture to match.

Peru has some of the longest waves on the planet. It has a perfect conditions with little rain on the coast of Peru and it's not too hot or too cold. All S-SW spots have very reliable swell from April to October. And from October to march North swell hit the coast. Consistency, all levels of surf available, mostly uncrowded, long waves, not to cold water temperature. Most people have heard the legends of the Incas, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, but how many people have heard of the Valley of Pyramids and the Temple of the Sun? Many people are unaware that in Peru there were a great many civilizations that pre-dated the Inca. Northern Peru was once the center of several mighty civilizations including the Sipán, Moche, and Chimu.

The largest wave's in South America can be found at Pico Alto. Wind conditions in Peru are often very light and this in turn creates glassy waves year round. Because most of the surf spots in Peru are reef point breaks, paddling out when it's big is not a problem. Water temperatures are comfortable. In the summer you can wear just baggies or a spring suit. In the winter either a spring or full suit depending on conditions. Topographically diverse, Peru has many distinct regions from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon River basin. Located 10 degrees south of the equator in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed. Winter is from May to November and summer is from December to April. The coastline in Peru is extremely arid, air temperatures in the winter range from 60-70 degrees. In the summer, the air temperatures range from 80-90 degrees with bright sunny days.


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