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Please look through the Pure Vacations Surf Travel website to see the latest resorts featured for 2013 surf season and beyond. You will notice that we do not feature a huge list and this is because unlike many companies we believe that service is more important and as such have hand picked a range of quality and desirable surf trips that we hope you will find enjoyable.

Portugal - is a popular destination for every level of surfer; if you are looking to experience a unique Portugal surfing holiday in the sun all year long then this should be your first choice. It offers world class surfing that matches that of any where in the world and with a wonderful culture to match. Portugal has a very mild Mediterranean climate which is heavily moderated by the Atlantic ocean. Droughts are common in the south and it is far greener to the north due to slightly cooler temperatures in the winter. The Air Temperature in Portugal ranges from 60's in the winter months to the high 90's in the summer. Click Here

Spain - Pure Vacations are the original surf travel company to bring you surfing in Northern Spain. A surfing holiday to Spain is a celebration of diversity, an opportunity to enjoy excellent climate, world class surf, excellent cuisine, and joie de vivre. But also, it is a chance to discover the exceptional surf and monumental heritage; to experience unique, dazzling natural environment; to become acquainted with the customs of the people, and to share with them the popular traditions. Taking a surfing trip to Spain means to live an experience that you will never forget. Discover Spain! Click here

Fuerteventura - If you are looking to just enjoy some really good Atlantic surf with a backdrop of sand dunes and glorious sandy beaches then the Canary Island of Fuerteventura is for you. For a start, take a look at the surfing beaches. One word sums them up - perfection and with turquoise waters that offer up an amazing menu of surfing options that will make your mouth water and lashings of warm sunshine that'll give you a gorgeous all-over glow. As far as surfing holidays go, this hot spot has certainly got all the bases covered. Fuerteventura is located only a few hours flight from main European airports and offers good surfing all year round. Click Here

Morocco - A surf trip to Morocco in northern Africa is an incredible and rewarding experience, the sand dunes as a back drop and the smiling faces of the local Moroccan’s make a trip with Pure Vacations truly idyllic in its own right. The stretch of Atlantic coastline of Morocco is one of the world’s premier surfing zones to visit due to the reputation for amazing surf and consistent conditions that make it ideal from learners to advanced surfers. Morocco offers endless Atlantic swells during September through to March and then smaller glassy conditions prevailing between the summer months of May and August. Click Here

Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico is a Caribbean daydream for good reasons! This beautiful island has everything you need for a week of filled with waves, sunshine, culture, good food and breathtaking sunsets. Enough reasons to escape from your daily life and make this place your next holiday destination! Click Here

Barbados - Surrounded by white sand beaches fringed with coconut palms, the island of Barbados rises out of the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and offers warm water surfing for all standards. The natural beauty of Surfing in Barbados, variety of landscape, excellent beaches, average temperature of 82F(28C), cooling breezes, and extremely warm hearted locals – makes this island one of the best surfing destinations in the world and is a true tropical surfing holiday island paradise. Click Here

Hawaii - Pure Vacations features the island of Maui which is named after the demigod that drew the Hawaiian Islands up from the bottom of the ocean. They say that Maui captured the sun and secured the promise of long days for the people to enjoy. Today it is said the "House of the Sun" is located in the beautiful eastern mountains where Haleakala rises more than 10,000 feet above sea level. Click Here

Costa Rica - Costa Rica has a comfortable lifestyle, peaceful democracy and overwhelming natural beauty! Multicolored beaches, crystal blue waters, lush tropical forest, wild flora and fauna, beautiful National Parks, charming rivers, consistent waves, lush forests and spectacular volcanoes all within a touch of adventure: these are the extraordinary ingredients of the fabulous cocktail named Costa Rica! There are a lot of different climates and landscapes you can see in only a few hours. Rivers and estuaries, swamps and Mangroves, the Pacific only four hours from the Caribbean... the attractions are simply amazing. Click Here

El Salvador - Surfing in El Salvador is both a cultural experience and a greatly enjoyable pleasure. El Salvador boasts a number of long right hand point breaks making it a surfers ideal destination. El Salvador has more than just one wave, and the whole country is literally swarming with awesome right point breaks and beach breaks that are glorious and safe to surf. Although the western La Libertad area is where surfers first visited, today however surf travelers are realizing that destinations such as Mizata here featured by Pure Vacations is attracting surfers not only because of the wonderful classy waves, but the quietness and tranquility that comes with it. Despite being the smallest of the Central American countries, El Salvador claims the highest number of quality point breaks in Central America. Many claim that El Salvador has the highest density of point breaks in the whole of America and after surfing there it's very hard to disagree. Click Here

Nicaragua - Nicaragua is a must place you have to surf. And if you make your way to Nicaragua, the chances are that you are going to get barreled. Located between the countries of El Salvador to the north and Costa Rica to the south, Nicaragua is one of the “best bets” for surf travel from anywhere in the world. Click Here

Maldives - The Maldives is the perfect destination for Surfers looking to relax in style in a tropical environment. Sun, sand and sea, and Surfing a thousand 'Robinson Crusoe' islands, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical holiday vacation destination. This is the Maldives however there is more to the Maldives than just that. It is one of the world's best surfing vacation destinations to tempt all standard of surfer. Click Here

Tahiti - Tahiti sits at the center of French Polynesia and has a fantastic reef wave, that sits firmly at the center of the surfing universe and has made Tahiti Surfing world famous. Tahiti comprising of about 118 small islands spread out over five archipelagos islands and many willl of seen in the Endless Summer original movie the opportunities that present itself here. The islands coverer an area of ocean the size of Europe, the scope for perfect waves is unlimited. There are dozens of islands in this chain that receive classic waves, which more often than not go unridden. On the whole the quality of the spots is exceptional and the waves are varied. Click Here