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Welcome to this North America surfing guide. We can take you there like no other North America surfing travel guide in the world, we offer North America descriptions and recommendations for a range of North America surfing accommodation, first class surfing equipment, surfing guides and surf instructors and they are all enjoying exactly what you want - right there, right now. Don't miss the moment. Plan your surfing trip, surfing holiday, surfing vacation and taste the freedom.

Hawaii - Maui Island

A true surfing tropical paradise, the home of surfing and a place that all surfers should visit one day.... Pure Vacations features the island of Maui which is named after the demigod that drew the Hawaiian Islands up from the bottom of the ocean. They say that Maui captured the sun and secured the promise of long days for the people to enjoy. Today it is said the "House of the Sun" is located in the beautiful eastern mountains where Haleakala rises more than 10,000 feet above sea level.