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Welcome to this Pacific surfing travel guide. We can take you there like no other Pacific surfing travel guide in the world, we offer Pacific descriptions and recommendations for a range of Pacific surfing accommodation, first class surfing equipment, surfing guides and surf instructors and they are all enjoying exactly what you want - right there, right now. Don't miss the moment. Plan your surfing trip, surfing holiday, surfing vacation and taste the freedom.


Tahiti sits at the center of French Polynesia and has a fantastic reef wave, that sits firmly at the center of the surfing universe. Tahiti comprising of about 118 small islands spread out over five archipelagos islands and many willl of seen in the Endless Summer original movie the opportunities that present itself here. The islands coverer an area of ocean the size of Europe, the scope for perfect waves is unlimited. There are dozens of islands in this chain that receive classic waves, which more often than not go unridden. On the whole the quality of the spots is exceptional and the waves are varied.